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Contract Based Solutions

AeroComponent is a robust application that manages Component Support contracts with single or multiple service providers. This solution manages all Component Support transactions including: exchanges, advance exchanges, out-of-contract parts - while keeping track of all part requests, contract quantities, shipment information and return of core units.

Component Support Contracts
AeroComponent supports process management of Component Support style contracts for rotable parts where fees are based on flight hours, cycles or value of inventory. Typically these contracts contain a specific list of parts and their applicability to certain aircraft registrations.
Flexible Framework
Simplify management of Component Support contracts with AeroComponent's easy-to-use portal. This flexible framework allows providers to upload contracted items and actively manage the pool of parts covered under the contract keeping track of the contracted quantity as well as the number of parts issued. AeroComponent also has the flexibility to manage multiple contracts with different customers and allow customers to manage multiple contracts covering different ATA chapters or pool of parts.
Core Repair Cycle
AeroComponent utilizes the Aeroxchange AeroRepair transaction engine to administer the core repair order and turn-around-time management with robust EDI-enabled workflow: repair order management, shipment tracking, repair status and track-and-trace.
Advanced Part Tracking
Quickly and accurately track replacement and core units through every step of the fulfillment process from provider's initial shipment of the replacement part to customer receipt of the replacement part and shipment of the core unit back to the provider for repair. AeroComponent can also be set up to control part issuance when the issuance of a contract exceeds the agreed upon quantity or prevent the generation of a part request until the core unit has been received.
Performance Measurement
AeroComponent tracks all user actions throughout the replenishment process to easily evaluate actual performance against target performance. Supplier performance can be measured by priority level (i.e. AOG, routine), individual contract or in total by: part request to part replacement shipped, part request to part replacement received, part replacement shipped to part replacement received and core unit received to part replacement shipped.
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Key features

  • Track contracted parts by aircraft registration against specific part number or by ATA chapter
  • Complete flexibility to manage multiple customer contracts with unique customer-specific parameters
  • Direct links to major courier websites are integrated into shipment notifications
  • Records complete transaction history and email exchanges
  • Tracks all communication and messages between provider and customer