Changing How You Manage Your Aviation Business

Technical Procurement

AeroBuy is a complete catalog-based procurement system that facilitates optimum value in the supply chain by connecting buyers and sellers. This solution provides one-stop access to all sources of supply including OEM, Distributors, Surplus Providers and PMA sources. With millions of parts listed and hundreds of top tier companies connected electronically, AeroBuy moves procurement and sales strategies to real time.

Real Time Requisition Management
AeroBuy easily manages daily requisitions by seamlessly uploading data from legacy applications. This allows buyers to monitor daily procurement status in real time and enables multiple part searches with no re-keying to manage all quotations in one simple workflow.
Market Transparency
Powerful search tools enable on-demand part searches for a single requirement or mass upload for market research with the ability to recognize interchangeability, traceability and condition. AeroBuy provides visibility of company 'QA-approved' suppliers and buyer-specific contract prices. Real time connections to supplier sales systems provide up-to-date stock quantities by location, price and interchangeability.
Comprehensive Quote System
With AeroBuy's streamlined electronic Request for Quote (eRFQ) process buyers have complete quote information from qualified sources of supply by part serial number and condition code. The eRFQ response functionality can be used for inquires from EDI and non-EDI suppliers. Users can easily find and qualify new sources of supply and compare quote responses to catalog data to optimize decision-making.
Purchase Order Tracking
AeroBuy provides real time tracking of POs from creation through acknowledgement, buyer/seller changes, ship notices and receipt information.
Complete Order Management
Manage the entire purchase order lifecycle from creating purchase orders, managing order changes and exceptions, to transmitting advance ship notices, shipment details and invoices with the ability to utilize automated 3-way invoice matching. Aeroxchange transmits order data using a range of industry standards including the latest SPEC2000 standards - delivering modern XML or traditional 'TypeB' formats to effectively communicate with your trading partners. With Aeroxchange, users can do all of this regardless of system technology.
Performance Monitoring
AeroBuy easily analyzes the complete PO lifecycle with full configuration management in order to compare lead time statistics, measure savings achievement and realize invoice quality. Reports can be used to measure internal procurement metrics or supplier performance.
AeroBuy Mail
Aeroxchange is expanding its AeroBuy solution to offer enhanced functionality for Suppliers and OEMs to collaborate with their customers in order to manage quotes and purchase orders through email alerts. This enhanced functionality is called "AeroBuy Mail", and the key features will provide the following:
  • Respond to RFQs and POs without logging in to any system
  • Replace paper-based communication with full electronic collaboration
  • Update the entire purchase order lifecycle, including Quote, PO Acknowledge, PO Decline, PO Change, Ship and Invoice
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Key features

  • Single portal for the acquisition of technical parts catalogs from OEMs, surplus suppliers, distributors, airline surplus inventory and PMA sources of supply
  • Search general supplier catalogs as well as company approved suppliers with buyer specific pricing
  • View and compare item details with link to pedigree documents
  • No re-keying of order information or status updates
  • Management reports and supplier scorecards
  • Use the web-based browser or integrate seamlessly to your back-office ERP system