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AeroBuy is a complete catalog-based procurement system that facilitates optimum value in the supply chain by connecting buyers and sellers. This solution provides one-stop access to all sources of supply including: OEMs, Distributors, Surplus Providers and PMA sources. With millions of parts listed and hundreds of top tier companies connected electronically, AeroBuy moves procurement and sales strategies to real time.

Flexible Solution Deployment
AeroBuy streamlines the purchase order process with two different but effective methods. The first method is to utilize AeroBuy's web-based browser functionality and the other method is to integrate directly into an existing back office systems. Aeroxchange transmits order data using a range of industry standards including the latest SPEC2000 standards - delivering modern XML or traditional 'TypeB' formats to effectively communicate with your trading partners. Whether web-based browser or back office system, both enable a seamless and efficient purchase order lifecycle.
Data Management and Security
Aeroxchange uses several methods to protect users' information and provide data security. All applications are hosted by the leading global technology services company, HP Enterprise Services. Aeroxchange's state-of-the-art firewall protects the network from Internet threats. Only essential staff are able to view secure data and information is only accessible between trading partners.
Comprehensive Quote System
With AeroBuy's streamlined electronic Request for Quote (eRFQ) process, suppliers can provide complete quote information based on part serial number and condition code. This functionality can be used by buyers to inquire from both EDI and non-EDI suppliers. Buyers can easily search for qualified new sources of supply and compare quote responses to catalog data to optimize decision-making.
Simplified Catalog Loading
Aeroxchange simplifies the catalog loading process by giving two options to list catalogs. Send the catalog in simple format which requires (1) part number, (2) description, (3) quantity and (4) condition code or rich format by utilizing Aeroxchange's expanded content template.
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Key features

  • Ability to list buyer specific or general catalogs or both.
  • View loaded catalogs and download to tab delimited format.
  • Easily manage purchase order transactions electronically from updating the status orders to invoicing.
  • Utilize electronic invoicing with accurate 3-way matching based on part number, price and quantity.
  • Utilize the web-based browser solution and become EDI enabled.
  • Integrate seamlessly to back office system, eliminating the need to re-key information between AeroBuy and your ERP system.
  • Automated Monthly Seller reports.