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"In the last few years, Aeroxchange has enabled Air Canada to become one of the industry leaders with respect to integrated electronic communications. The platform solutions at Aeroxchange allow us to streamline and improve our processes with third party Supplier and Vendors while developing and maintaining key performance indicators. In today's fast evolving technology, lean cycle times and increased operational efficiency are key success factors for staying ahead of the competition."

Mark Bentley, Manager Commercial Project Integration, Air Canada

"Eleven years ago the Air Canada Tech Svcs division (ACTS) led the creation of the aviation industry exchange, or "AIX" as it was called. A full decade after opening its doors, Aeroxchange continues to offer a value proposition that grows year over year. As ACTS has evolved into Aveos Fleet Performance, we are excited to be in a position to work with our valued customer Air Canada and once again lead the industry with a real-time EDI implementation of the AeroRepair standard."

Doug Ellis, Business Integration Architect - I.T. AVEOS

"The Aeroxchange vendor network allows Finnair to extend our coverage of SPEC2000 messaging well beyond what we could reach with SITA. We are also happy with the way Aeroxchange listens to their customers when enhancing its products. The development team knows the industry, and is willing and able to listen to actual end users."

Jani Kilpi, Manager Business Applications, Finnair Technical Services Ltd

"Aeroxchange is not only a website, but a vision and way of doing business realized by Airlines, and Suppliers around the globe. It's a commonplace for aviation partners to exchange information, execute ideas, and work smarter to reach collaborative solutions in supply chain and aftermarket services. Aeroxchange is not an optional service in today's Aviation Community, it's a necessity!"

Craig Bale, Vice President Business Development/Marketing, PHS/MWA Aviation Services

"Martinair Holland has been participating on Aeroxchange since 2004, and we have seen value in our Purchasing Department, Quick Service Desk (AOG-desk), and Surplus Sales. I see Aeroxchange as part of our airline/supplier family. Aeroxchange is able to connect both worlds via their sophisticated and modern global operating system. During the annual conferences we shake hands with our supplier and airline friends, meet new suppliers and discuss system enhancements. These conferences are well organized and are a mirror image of the solid operating system Aeroxchange offers."

Frank Meijer, Parts & Equipment Manager Outstations/Surplus Sales and Coordinator Technical Training, Martinair

"How does Aeroxchange help HEICO? HEICO companies use Aeroxchange for different activities from sending repair quotes to Airline customers, bidding on RFPs and responding to requests from the Airlines for purchases. HEICO believes in the business philosophy of Aeroxchange: provide a single EDI tool to manage both the front end sourcing/evaluating/purchasing of materials and services and the back end sales of same. Aeroxchange is continuously developing and expanding the capabilities of their system. The Aeroxchange team members are readily available to discuss requests for changes and improvements, and in general the system is very user friendly. We have five of our businesses signed up and that currently only scratch the surface in utilizing the functionality that Aeroxchange provides. As the member airlines integrate Aeroxchange more fully into the culture of their operations, HEICO will be well positioned to manage their material and service requirements via EDI through Aeroxchange."

Paul Belisle, VP Marketing, HPG and HRG