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Platinum Solution

AeroSourcing Platinum is a robust, flexible negotiation platform that enables faster, better sourcing decisions - saving time and money. Strategic sourcing helps companies meet business objectives by obtaining the optimal blend of products, services and suppliers at the lowest possible total acquisition cost. To achieve these goals, AeroSourcing Platinum enables purchasing professionals to construct comprehensive RFIs, RFQs and Auctions to streamline communication with suppliers and negotiate optimum value.

Streamlined Bidding Process
AeroSourcing Platinum streamlines the bid collection process. Sourcing teams can quickly create sourcing events such as sealed bids, forward auctions and reverse auctions. Integrated spreadsheet bidding enables suppliers to submit multiple bids with one or more factors with only a few clicks. Live event monitoring and communication with suppliers is easy to manage.
Flexible Negotiation Platform
AeroSourcing Platinum delivers best-in-class RFx and survey functionality. This flexible sourcing engine enables you direct communication with suppliers and internal stakeholders through a variety of project types: auctions, RFIs, RFQs, RFPs, general questionnaires or agreements. The RFx engine can easily adapt to the structure of any sourcing project - whether it is a highly complex, multi-round RFI that results in an auction or a simple online survey. Create custom RFx templates to support sourcing best practices, knowledge transfer as well as ease-of-use and consistency.
Collaborative Project Management Functionality
Improve collaboration between different team members, different suppliers and different places with the solution's project management component. It is closely integrated with the auctions, sealed bids, RFIs, RFQs and RFPs, so that buyers can organize projects, prioritize activities, assign tasks, create triggers and monitor participation levels in and outside the sourcing team. Project leaders can customize each project based on their own timeline, number of activities and number of participants.
Project Wizard
The Create New Project Wizard guides users through all the necessary steps to create and run an Auction or Sealed Bid including how to set up lots, invite bidders and team members, and customize all the settings to maximize bid competition.
Document Library
AeroSourcing Platinum embeds a document library to help reduce sourcing cycle time and enable greater standardization by allowing users to find the right document at the right time. This easily accessible document library provides a single repository for all documents regardless of file format (specifications, operational procedures, etc.). Fully integrated with all AeroSourcing Platinum components, companies can organize their documents by business need, local or unique requirement, and document type.
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Key features

  • Run a variety of project types: auction, RFI, RFQ, RFP, survey, or general questionnaire
  • Easy-to-use supplier interface
  • Limit user views based on security level
  • Reduced sourcing cycle time with customized templates and streamlined supplier communication
  • Collaborative project management functionality improves communication between organizational stakeholders
  • Greater knowledge transfer from person-to-person or project-to-project