Changing How You Manage Your Aviation Business

Inventory Management

The AeroConsignment solution enables optimal management of consignment stock programs between multiple trading partners without the need to build expensive integrations unique to individual companies. AeroConsignment increases visibility to inventory levels by location and tracks consumption patterns across trading partners to simplify stock management and improve service levels. Leveraging a standard connector and process automation, AeroConsignment reduces the expense of integrating consignment programs to your ERP system.

Manage Multiple Consignment Programs with Single Interface
Efficiently manage multiple consignment programs using an integrated interface. Create a customer-specific master list for Manufacturing Part Numbers (MPNs) that can be assigned to specific consignment programs. The solution also tracks part numbers that are eligible for consignment, enables multiple part searches with no re-keying and manages multiple quotations with a simplified workflow.
Inventory Visibility
Provide suppliers with real time visibility to customer controlled stock levels at multiple locations, as well as consumption patterns and recent replenishment actions. The application allows authorized trading partners a secure viewing portal for only the MPNs that are under consignment contract.
Stock Alerting
Actively monitor stock levels and establish inventory alerts based on reorder quantities and contractual requirements. Alerts are communicated in real time by email or XML, allowing material to be delivered before service levels are at risk, therefore reducing inventory holding costs and improving stock turns.
Complete Order Management
Sync inventory levels between trading partners and enable complete electronic management of stock issuances, returns, replenishment actions, purchase orders, acknowledgements, advanced shipment notifications with real time tracking, issuance to stores, consumption reporting, invoicing and service level reporting. Automate the entire process, ensuring high service levels with real time stock visibility, inventory alerting and streamlined process management functionality.
Consumption Reporting
Access monthly consumption reports that detail customer usage by part number and show consumption quantity by date and aircraft. By utilizing the consumption reporting feature, the invoice cycle is significantly reduced by eliminating the need to manually exchange consumption data.
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Key features

  • Simultaneously search for multiple parts with no re-keying
  • View parts that are exclusively under consignment contract
  • Automated stock alerts trigger replenishment of goods to prevent the risk of stock-outs
  • Standardized supplier-to- customer data interchange in a secure environment utilizing Type B or XML messaging
  • View notifications on the browser or internal legacy systems via EDI connection
  • Capture invoices that match customer generated consumption data and pass-match-audit