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Repair Management

AeroRepair seamlessly enables the repair order lifecycle from beginning to end creating efficiencies for repair providers and their customers by automating key business processes including: Capabilities Search, Supplier Search, Estimate Management, Repair Order Management, Quotation Approval, Customer and Supplier Shipment Tracking, Repair Status, Track-and-Trace and Electronic Invoicing.

Estimation Process
AeroRepair enhances supplier visibility and simplifies the repair estimation process. Users are able to search part capabilities from hundreds of suppliers by specific location or region and then effortlessly move from search to electronic repair estimate solicitations with full document attachment functionality. Detailed quote layouts allow buyers to easily compare response estimates.
Track-and-Trace Capability
With track-and-trace capability at each step, AeroRepair provides full process visibility and effective order administration throughout the repair process. Monitor order status, turn- around-time (TAT) performance and tracks delays with exception reporting and status updates by serial number keeping customers informed of changes. Suppliers have the flexibility to communicate status updates on per-request-basis from the customer or update multiple orders using a daily bulk upload process.
Document Attachment
AeroRepair creates efficiencies by supporting the attachment and electronic communication of transaction-related documents associated with a repair order. With AeroRepair you can attach teardown reports, bills of material, engineering drawings, service bulletins/ADs, CMMs or other technical documents related to the repair. Both buyers and sellers benefit substantially from the elimination of inefficient paper-based communication methods by leveraging electronic transmission and storage of technical documents for improved record management.
Logistics Management
AeroRepair's comprehensive logistics management tool supports real time advance shipment notifications with integrated tracking links. The solution automates key logistics processes with electronic receipts, discrepancy notifications and electronic notices of serviceability. Additionally, AeroRepair has the flexibility to route serviceable units directly to the point of need.
Flexible Solution Deployment
AeroRepair streamlines the repair order process with two different but effective methods. The first method is to integrate directly to existing back office systems and the other method is to utilize AeroRepair's web-based browser functionality. Both methods enable a seamless and efficient repair order lifecycle.
AeroRepair Mail
Aeroxchange is expanding its AeroRepair solution to offer enhanced functionality for Suppliers and OEMs to collaborate with their customers in order to manage repair orders through email alerts. This enhanced functionality is called "AeroRepair Mail", and the key features will provide the following:
  • Respond to repair orders without logging in to any system
  • Replace paper-based communication with full electronic collaboration
  • Provide customers with valuable real-time status updates, order tracking and invoicing
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Key features

  • Easily monitor order status and TAT performance with robust change tracking and status reporting
  • Full electronic estimation process with document attachment functionality
  • Track and analyze supplier and logistic flow days to identify and action process bottlenecks
  • Management reports and supplier scorecards
  • Ability to integrate seamlessly with airline and supplier ERP systems, eliminating the need to re-key information between AeroRepair and your ERP system