Changing How You Manage Your Aviation Business

Service Recovery

AeroAOG is the industry's first and most comprehensive eCommerce solution for managing AOG situations and an airline's loan/borrow/exchange business. AeroAOG and the Loan Borrow Tracking System (LBTS) cut costs by creating instant visibility to airline allocated inventory by station, streamlining the loan/borrow/exchange process and providing improved transactional tracking.

Find the Right Part Quickly
With AeroAOG, users can quickly locate critical parts by searching many of the world's leading airline inventory allocations simultaneously by specific location, globally or by proximity to AOG event. Users can also expand search criteria to include inventory listings from other service providers and OEMs. Search results are returned in a simple format that allows users to estimate and compare terms of all opportunities by acquisition time and total cost.
Full Transaction Management
Manage all of your loans, borrows and exchanges in a single place with AeroAOG. Our integrated solution provides full transaction management using the Loan Borrow Tracking System (LBTS) including system generated alerts and notifications, electronic data warehousing for all transaction documents and automatic attachment to the applicable transaction. With AeroAOG, there is no need to limit who you borrow from as the system is flexible enough to support any type of contractual terms and conditions as well as manage multi-currency transactions.
Advanced Electronic Document Management
AeroAOG files and stores paper documentation electronically. Convert hard copy documents to electronic pdf and produce digitized loan and borrow documents and trace records (including serviceable parts tags) complete with barcodes for upload and storage in LBTS. Emails and communications are electronically stored against specific transactions.
Improved Shipment Tracking
Monitor critical parts in or outbound with full logistics visibility including generation of real time advance ship notices, integrated tracking links to freight forwarders and electronic copy of Proof of Delivery (POD).
Visibility for Better Financial Decision Making
Increase financial awareness with at-a-glance financial details that give users the ability to review total revenue and cost details as well as compare current financial details to previous months, quarters or years. AeroAOG provides standard and custom report writing capabilities with statistics on net loan/borrow activity, frequently loaned/borrowed parts, loan/borrow accruals and other key financial metrics.
Maximize Revenue Opportunity
AeroAOG offers airlines increased visibility to new customers. Using the LBTS solution provides transactional transparency so airlines are able to better manage their loans and improve customer service.
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Key features

  • The industry's most comprehensive fleet coverage available with over 3.2 million unique part numbers stocked at over 650 global stations
  • Search airline allocated inventory by specific location, globally or proximity to AOG event
  • Electronic data warehousing for all transaction documents with the ability to capture faxed documents directly online for reference
  • Reduces errors with system generated data and streamlines the invoice process between the AOG Loan Desk and Accounts Receivable