Today: May 07,2021
AEROXCHANGE: Aviation Suppy Chain Solutions
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Changing How You Manage Your Aviation Business
Company Overview  
The company behind the solutions
Aeroxchange Ltd. was founded in July 2000 with significant capital contributed by 13 of the world's airlines to create a global, neutral eCommerce platform designed specifically to support the aviation supply chain.

Together, these leading airlines from North America, Asia and Europe represent approximately $45 billion in purchasing power. These airlines include Air Canada, Air New Zealand, All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines, Cathay Pacific, FedEx Express, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Delta Air Lines (Northwest Airlines), Austrian Airlines and US Airways (America West).

Over the past 10 years, Aeroxchange has succeeded due to the deep commitment of our customers, as well as low overhead, a long-term growth strategy, a dedicated management team and highly skilled employees with deep domain expertise.

  Our Development Team works to ensure our solutions fit your needs by bringing better, faster and more innovative applications to your fingertips.
  Our Sales Team works to understand your business and acts as your personal representative in finding the solutions that best fit your aviation company's needs.
  Our Solution Delivery Team will ensure that our Aeroxchange solutions are properly implemented and integrated, and your end-users are trained to take full advantage of the applications (training is offered via the Internet or on-site at your location).
  Our Customer Service Team works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions and address any issues that are critical to your business operations.

Our customers represent industry leaders who harness the power of the Internet to create value and generate operational efficiencies through development and adoption of Aeroxchange's solutions. We believe that the founders’ vision is culminating in the realization of millions of dollars in sustainable savings and technology driven efficiencies in the global aviation supply chain.

What does Aeroxchange do for you?
Aeroxchange allows you to outsource the management of your EDI strategy. We enable electronic communication throughout the global aviation supply chain by providing a seamless connection between trading partners, whether the world’s largest airline with a fully integrated ERP system or a small shop with no electronic means of communication.

Whether you are looking for vendor management, repair management, AOG recovery, component support, sourcing or supply chain services, Aeroxchange has a solution that will meet your need.

What makes Aeroxchange unique?
Our solutions provide transparency to the supply chain, going beyond basic listing services to drive value by:
  Streamlining the procurement process
  Reducing administrative cost
  Reducing turn-around-time (TAT)
  Improving vendor relationships
  Creating additional revenue streams
  Managing contracts

Our solutions provide transparency to the supply chain, going beyond basic listing services to drive value by:
  Support collaborative and individual supply chain initiatives.
  Increase operational efficiencies that are critical to daily operations.
  Provide shorter project cycle times.

Aeroxchange provides significant value to both buyers and sellers by building a community where customers come together to:
  Discuss the latest trends within the industry.
  Develop "best practices" for the aviation supply chain.
  Build relationships with your trading partners and peers.