Privacy Policy  
Aeroxchange respects and is dedicated to honoring the preferences of our user organizations (and individual users) concerning the collection, storage, access, and use of their personally identifiable data collected online. Aeroxchange is continually developing mechanisms to enhance the customer experience on this website and provide our customers with greater choice related to information use and disclosure.

Types and reasons for data collection:

Aeroxchange is an open, business to business marketplace that requires participants to provide two levels of information - user organization and individual user information - during the registration process. Additional site use information may be gathered as users navigate the site and perform transactions. This information is gathered for following main purposes:
  • To establish identity of the organization and user: For these purposes, business contact information such as, name, address and e-mail may be collected at the organization and user level during the registration process.

  • To effect posting of opportunities or related communications. For these purposes, information pertaining to opportunities such as transaction type, transaction amount, payment, shipping and billing information of the participants associated with a transaction may be collected and stored. As part of our efforts to provide participants with the ability to establish business relationships with trading partners, some aspects of this information may also be used for evaluative purposes.

  • To provide future service and support. This information comprises both contact information and information related to products and services offered by Aeroxchange, as well as customer and technical support services requested by users. This information is also used to provide users with product and service updates, patches, change in usage policy and similar notices.

  • To better tailor marketing to user needs. Information on site use helps us create website content and navigation that is most relevant and user friendly to customers and enhances the overall customer experience.

Access to information collected:

Aeroxchange recognizes two levels of access for participants on the Aeroxchange - your Company Representative, responsible for the relationship between Aeroxchange and your business, and the User, an active employee of your company authorized to participate on Aeroxchange by the Company Administrator.
  • Users that register on the Aeroxchange can access and modify their registration information at any time.

  • Users that perform transactions on the Aeroxchange can view their transaction history at any time.

  • Company Representative will have the administrative right of access to all User accounts, and associated transactions activity, for your company. Administrative right of access includes, but is not limited to, the ability to update company or User profiles, approve new User accounts, close delinquent or unauthorized User accounts as well as view and update transactions of any User in your company.

User Preferences opt out:

Participation on Aeroxchange is voluntary. Participation on Aeroxchange requires users to provide the information specified in the registration screens for reasons specified and as provided in the user registration agreement. This information is essential to properly complete transactions. As greater functionality is added to the site, we will continue to strive to develop mechanisms that best address participants preferences related to information collection and use.

Collection of information using 'cookies':

Aeroxchange may use "cookies" to collect information on the usage of the website by visitors and to facilitate return visits by users. A "cookie" is a small piece of information sent by a web server to be stored on a web browser so it can later be read back from that browser. The information collected from cookies is currently used to improve the functionality of the website. The information on the website is organized and presented based on our analysis of the aggregate usage of the site. Cookies are also useful in allowing more streamlined log-in for users, tracking of shopping cart additions and in preserving order information between sessions. In the future, as we enable further customization of the experience by users, cookies will play an integral part in assuring that information provided to users will reflect their preferences and be most relevant to their needs.

Users may disable the cookie feature on their browser without affecting their ability to transact business on the site. Cookies do, however, enable many convenience features of the site. Disabling cookies may require more complexity and data entry. Users should also be aware that if they do disable cookies, information entered not resulting in a transaction or completed form/registration will be lost at the end of each session. To learn more about cookies and browser functionality relating to cookies please search for "cookies" in the help function of your browser.


Aeroxchange is concerned with the security of the personal data which we have collected and has put in place measures to prevent unauthorized access to that information. Payment information is protected during transmission from the user by a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection and, once stored, is protected through various security measures in place at Aeroxchange hosting facility. These measures include both policies relating to access to information and technological elements such as firewalls etc.

Updates to the privacy policy:

Aeroxchange is sensitive to user's privacy issues and recognizes the need to update this policy as new features and business services are offered on Aeroxchange. All registered users will be notified of any changes to the Privacy Policy prior to the change date.